Amar Jyothi Clinic

Devi Nilaya, No. 2, 2nd main, 3rd Cross, K.H.M. Block, Ganga Nagar, Bangalore - 560032

Listing Description

Amar Jyoti Clinic specialises in Ayurvedic and Chinese treatments, the two most important ancient forms that have seen a dramatic rise of late. Our holistic wellness clinic was established by Dr. S.M. Manjula Jagadeesh whose treatment is time-tested and has been proven the best for curing chronic diseases. She also runs a charitable trust, Poornathwa Sree Foundation, which is supported by the residents of that area. We have rooftop herbal garden that has varied species of herbs and medicinal plants. Our sessions may last longer for some people, depending on the intensity of their problem. However, some are cured in a very short period.  Some of our traditional treatments are Nasya karma where we first gently massage the patient’s head and face with medicated oil and then a herbal liquid is administered through the nose. This process of detoxification removes the toxins accumulated at the head and neck and they are expelled through the nose and the mouth. This treatment prevents the early greying of hair, premature ageing and hair fall and cures facial paralysis, hemi crania, frozen shoulder, mental disorders like Parkinson’s, headache, sinusitis and several skin disorders.  We have various such treatments for treating diseases like asthma, indigestion, poisoning, tonsils, tuberculosis, fistula, haemorrhoids, intestinal parasites, herpes, obesity, cardiac ailments, paralysis, loss of sensation, insomnia and Bell’s palsy. We deal with a new generation high-powered skin care products for smooth, soft, supple skin; milk-based moisturising lotions; facial massaging packs for increasing the skin’s firmness while restoring freshness; exfoliators; germ-proof antibacterial sanitary napkins; and Bio-Pure purification system which is based on RO technology.  We also provide Reiki treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

ph: 23333160 | mob 9886023160

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