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AyurHealing is built on the trust of thousands of patients on its Founder and Chief Physician Dr.Mini Nair, who had treated their chronic diseases through her decades’ long clinical practice. The uniqueness of AyurHealing, Ayurveda hospital in Bangalore lies in blending the strength of Indian Vedic science that is Ayurveda and Siddha which is our comprehensive method to bring a patient to a holistic state of existence rather than just being free from diseases. Ayurhealing provides highly professional Ayurveda treatment in Bangalore.

Dr.Mini Nair, Founder & Chief Physician Of AyurHealing Ayurveda And Siddha Hospital, Popularly known as “Kaiguna Doctor” (The Physician of Healing Powers) for her thousands of patients in different strata of life, who have successfully treated by her.

Dr.Mini Nair a graduate from The Government College Of Ayurveda, Bangalore has been working in the field of Ayurveda since for the last 23 years. Apart from graduation in Ayurveda Dr.Mini Nair have additional educational qualifications of Post Graduate Diploma In Emergency Medicine (BAMS) and Post Graduate Diploma In Siddha Medicine (DSM).

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to curing diseases. The treatment takes account of factors like mental, social and not just the symptoms of the disease. Ayurveda is generally not a “One remedy fits all system. Though there are common lifestyle elements that govern the body, each individual is unique. Everyone’s body is unique because of the environmental conditions, food habits and other invisible reasons.

Common man’s deep-rooted beliefs expect an immediate cure for the disease. Ayurveda treatment adopts a holistic and better approach during diagnosis and therapy. The patient will get a specific treatment process based on his body type. And so, it is very important to have a direct and detailed interaction with the physician to discuss your treatment plan. This becomes the key factor in the success of the treatment.


Cervical Spondylosis Treatment : Cervical spondylosis is a general term used for age-related wear and tear, influencing the spinal disks in your neck. In fact, Cervical spondylosis is exceptionally normal and intensifies with age.

Panchakarma Detoxification : Panchakarma is an arrangement of five therapeutic treatments controlled to the patient for the total detoxification of the body.

Diabetes : Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is witnessed when a person has high blood sugar, which results in less production of insulin from the body.

Stroke : Stroke is a condition in which the blood circulation to the brain stops, causing brain cells to die. The condition is extremely fatal.

Joint Pain Disorders : In recent days, Joint Pain is a widely recognized problem for which a patient counsels a doctor. There are a few conditions that influence the normal functioning of the joints, leading to indication of various problems.

Infertility : Female Infertility is a term used to signify the state of a woman who has not possessed the capacity to become pregnant subsequent to striving for at least one year.

Let us have a look at the benefits of choosing our famous ayurveda hospital in Bangalore. We mainly focus on the entire system. The science does not stop by treating the temporary illness as the sickness lies in the root of a body, our famous ayurveda doctor in Bangalore Dr.Mini Nair suggest you with natural medications and natural food items for health.


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