Bhramari Ayurveda Hospital

No.77, 17th C Main Road, 11th Cross Rd, Sector 4, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Listing Description

YURVEDA is a complete science which provides knowledge on ideal daily, seasonal routines, diet, actions and proper use of our sense organs. The motto of Ayurveda is “swasthasya swasthya rakshanam, aturasya vikara prashamanam” which means protecting the health of a healthy individual and curing the disease of diseased. First comes the protection, then the curing.

By providing various treatments, procedures, diet do’s and don’ts for various diseases, it gives complete knowledge to serve the mankind and helps to attain health and longevity.

We, at BHRAMARI AYURVEDA HOSPITAL mainly aim for bring back the classical method of Ayurveda and looking forward to serve Ayurveda for all mankind. Every individual is different because of their different prakruthi according to Ayurveda so the diseases affecting individuals will be different. Here the treatment is exclusively planned for that particular individual based on his prakruthi and other constituents.

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