Dr. S. Ahalya, Ayurvedic Clinic

171, 6th Cross Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009


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Listing Description

At Dr. S. Ahalya, Ayurvedic Clinic, we provide authentic Ayurvedic treatments for all kinds of chronic and lifestyle disorders and many other diseases and disorders & for all age groups.

Medicines are preferred by ayurveda doctors, we does not treat disease. Ayurvedic Treatment is a holistic science of life is the cultural heritage of India, nurtured over thousands of years by sages and savants. It uses natural substances and herbs that not only heal but prevent reoccurrence of diseases. It offers comprehensive cure, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Diseases are treated not symptomatically only, but also by targeting the root cause. Its system of treatment is based on potent herbal combinations, life style adjustments, individualized dietary programs and spiritual focus on yoga and meditation.

We treats a patient by respecting each individual’s  uniqueness & creating customized approach to maintain that uniqueness.

080 2226 1993


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