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We at Sharada Ayurveda Hospital give Vedic healing in its true sense without polluting the authenticity. Located in a picturesque landscape, Sharada Ayurveda Hospital’s environment and edifice gives traditional touch. Being in the vicinity of a locale connected by air, rail, bus and sea, Sharada Ayurveda Hospital is bliss to mankind. With skilled doctors, dedicated nurses, well trained therapists, modern infrastructure and humble staff, we provide 24×7 services.


Systematic art of living is the souvenir of Indian saints to the modern world. Even though considered as an alternative medicine, Ayurveda has always taken the driver’s seat in revolutionizing the medical system. Vedic knowledge has shown the path for the development of modern medicine. The eight branches called by the name “Astanga Ayurveda” concentrates on physical, mental, preventive, geriatric, sexual and other aspects of diseases related to mankind.


Disease affects equally both body and mind. Consequently a diseased person needs both physical and psychological management. A beautiful surrounding, excellent ambience, and well trained staff will be the best combination for this. And off course Sharada by all means the first choice. We are well-versed in authentic Ayurveda treatment, with that we have our own specialties. Few to note are…

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